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Maybe you’ve already tried your hand at this style of painting but you can’t seem to move forward. 

You wish you could finally overcome these problems without having to watch hundreds of tutorials.

You want to stop doing this

Instead, you want to successfully do this

I’m a southamerican artist.

I’m a member of:

ABA (Asociation of botanical Artists)

And a Diploma member of:

SBA (society of Botanical artists)

I’ve been working with watercolours for over 5 years.

I taught watercolor workshops and private lessons in my atelier, and helping others start their journey into art and overcoming the first obstacles was definitely the best part of my job.

Now, living in another country, and how life  has changed over the past few years, I decided I’m taking my business on-line.

Being able to create in a broad sense is something we all have the capacity to do. Painting, drawing, and sculpting, among other things, can be so gratifying, it’s a healthy habit to release stress, boost happy hormones, and provide a sense of accomplishment in a short amount of time.

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Orchid watercolour

This class is NOT for you if:

This FREE course “Watercolor for botanical art” is free because:

It’s the first time I’m launching it, and it will have very few spots available. If you read above, you know I’m offering PERSONAL REVISION OF YOUR WORK. This takes time, and I want to do it right, like if we were in my atelier and I’d check your work in person. Therefore, fewer people have to take the course.